Inside the Lovely by Naomi V Goodman

Thinking Outside the {Food} Box

Have you ever been to a lovely social event and thought that the presentation of the food was subpar? Or better yet, that the food looked like it came to a black tie affair dressed for a baseball game? The way that food is served or displayed makes a difference and should be thought about when planning any social event. These are the little things that make your event memorable and worth talking about. Whether you are a professional in the event industry or planning a wedding, you should never pass up a chance to make a good impression!

Let’s take for example a wedding cocktail hour. You and your beau want to serve chocolate covered ice cream bars to your guests. Having a semi-formal event? Have the wait staff serve ice cream bars on fancy silver trays. Perhaps you’re having a beach side ceremony? Have fruit bars on ice in beach pails waiting for your guests at the cocktail hour. Those are the little things that stand out and make a wedding fun and unforgettable for your guests. Think outside the ice cream box… literally and have fun with it!

Here are some really great examples of how presentation can make a difference between ordinary and memorable…

Mason jars filled with crushed ice then topped with a mini clam and a side of  tabasco sauce is such treat for a seaside wedding reception.

A fun way to serve shrimp cocktail with wooden forks and slices of  lemon.

A baguette wrapped in kraft paper and tied with twine makes for an elegant presentation on reception tables.

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  • Maria’sBridalCouture (@MariasBride)

    Presentation is Everything: Think outside the (food) box! from @naomivgoodman

    • naomi

      Thank you for the retweet! XO

  • Aleah and Nick

    It’s all about the final presentation! Loving those little mason jars.

  • Lena

    Drooling all over my keyboard–presentation can certainly elevate the humble ice cream bar!

  • Alicia

    LOVE the clams in mason jars! Such a cute idea. Minus that I do not like clams.

  • (@NaomiVGoodman) (@NaomiVGoodman)

    Love these cute little clam sliders in mason jars! Great cocktail hour idea.

  • (@NaomiVGoodman) (@NaomiVGoodman)

    Think outside the {food} box! Present food in extraordinary ways and make a statement! #weddingfood