Inside the Lovely by Naomi V Goodman

about me

Hey there! I am Naomi the Lead Stylist and Creative Director of At First Blush & Co. a full service wedding and event planning  boutique. I absolutely love what I do and feel blessed for that very reason. I often say that “Life is too short to live outside the lovely” and that was the inspiration for the name of this blog. My job, my family, and encouraging others fires me up…that and the occasional pistachio Laduree macaron! My husband and I travel abroad quite often and even though I’ve seen many beautiful cities nothing compares to Paris. I love everything about Paris. I can never get enough of white flowers especially white fringed tulips and I believe there is beauty in simplicity. I think rude people and Brussels sprouts stink and both should become extinct! My favorite literary works are by Khalil Gibran, Paulo Coelho and Rainer Maria Rilke to name a few. My TV obsessions are Scandal and Downton Abbey which is only made better while eating my favorite candy peanut M&M’s. Did I mention I love weddings? Here are a few more of my favorite things. Thanks for stopping by! xo